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 How to post Photos using Photobucket

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Just got M&S Tyres

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How to post Photos using Photobucket Empty
PostSubject: How to post Photos using Photobucket   How to post Photos using Photobucket EmptySun Dec 26, 2010 1:30 pm

Step by step idiot proof guide Laughing although as it was written some time ago, some steps may be slightly different now

Step 1 - Goto www.photobucket.com
Step 2 - Click on 'Join Now' (top rh corner).
Step 3 - Fill in 'Sign UP' and click next
Step 4 - Fill in additional info (name,email etc) and click done
Step 5 - You will now be at the upload page. Simply click on 'Browse', locate your photo in the file/folder you have it stored in and double click/open chosen photo.
Step 6 - Click Upload button and wait for image to load into your 'album'
Step 7 - Your chosen photo will now appear at the bottom of your page in your 'album'
Step 8 - Your photo is now ready to post on the forum.

To post photo on forum follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to forum page you wish to add thread or post reply.
Step 2 - Commence writing info, for eg Hi everyone, I have this photo I wish to show you.
Step 3 - Open a separate internet browser page
Step 4 - Goto www.photobucket.com (I have saved this page to my favourites)
Step 5 - Log In
Step 6 - Go to your album photos at bottom of page.
Step 7 - Find the IMG CODE below the photo
Step 8 - Copy photo by simply clicking on the IMG Code
Step 9 - Go back to forum thread or post you were writing
Step 10 - Place cursor below text and hold down keys - Ctrl V
Step 11 - A whole bunch of letters and numbers will appear. This is the photo ID
Step 12 - Post thread or reply and your message and photo will appear Wink
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How to post Photos using Photobucket
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