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 How to post photos within the forum

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How to post photos within the forum Empty
PostSubject: How to post photos within the forum   How to post photos within the forum EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 11:56 am

This is a step-by-step technophobe's guide of how to insert a photo within a forum post. I am sure there is an easier/ quicker/'proper' way of inserting photos, but as I am useless with computers, this way works for me!

By the way, the photo you want to post must be already sitting in your PC within the "My Pictures" file for my method to work.

1. Click on REPLY or NEW TOPIC to open a blank message post box (the box you would normally type a message in).

2. Move your mouse so the cursor hovers over the "Host an image" square on the tool bar above. This is located 15 squares to the right of the B (bold) square.

From now on, if you have any problems then simply left click mouse on PREVIEW to return to the message box.

3. Left click mouse on the "Host an image" square.

4. Select, Resize Image size 640 pix width. (Helps if your file is already converted to this size).

5. Left click mouse on "Choose an Image" . This opens up your "My Pictures" folders.

6. Search within these folders to find the photo you require.

7. Double left click mouse on the photo you require, then click "Open".

8. Left click mouse on "Host it". In a few seconds your photo will be converted into a row of letters & numbers within the middle box entitled "Image".

9. Left click mouse on the row of letters & numbers in middle box - which highlights them - then right click mouse and click on COPY.

10. Left click mouse on the box below PREVIEW.

11. Right click mouse and click on PASTE. By pasting in the row of letters & numbers, your photo will appear in the message box.

12. That's it - photo inserted! Now all you have to do is type in whatever text you like to finish your post.

Note: Its faster if your photo's are already 640px wide before you select what picture to upload. A good free computer program is called "Pix Resizer", and can be found on the Internet.
If "Pix Resizer" can not be found on the internet then Send a private message via the forum to Terracan Jas with your Email address and he will Email you a Clean, Compressed Zipped file containing the program "Pix Resizer.

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How to post photos within the forum Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to post photos within the forum   How to post photos within the forum EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 5:32 am

Some times the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 web browser will not let you upload or download images via this forum for various reasons.

I suggest changing your Internet Web Browser to Google chrome. This can be downloaded free from here: http://www.google.com/chrome/

Mozilla FireFox also runs better with some internet pages and forums. But for me Chrome works fine with this forum for posting, hosting and sharing photo's.

If you are still having issues than contact either ADMIN, Tom Mc or Terracan Jas.


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How to post photos within the forum
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