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 Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Review

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PostSubject: Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Review   Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Review EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 5:35 am

I bought a set of Maxxis Buckshot mudders a year ago exactly on special offer. And Over 12 months they have performed well, covering just over 5,000 miles.


Test Vehicle: Hyundai Terracan & Isuzu Rodeo.

Test Tyre Size: 245/75/16(Terry) & 31x10.50x15 (Rodeo).

The Mudder is an aggressive, rugged, durable steel belted radial tire designed for extreme conditions. The tyre is made up of a large siped central tread and a staggered wide lugs on the side fo the tyre extending a little on the side-wall. The Sipes in the central tread run down full width, which will help in winter conditions and will remain even after large amounts of miles have been driven. The outer lugs are pre-drilled for tyre studs, also going down throughout the tread ensuring continued use even after thousands of miles.

On Road:

For an aggressive tyre it performs well on the road. I run the tyres at 38psi front and rear for normal driving conditions. They grip the road well in both dry and wet conditions with no aquaplaning up to speeds of 80mpg.
Cornering is not bad for a mud terrain, with the pressure I run them at they feel firmly planted on the road when cornering both dry and wet.
The Sipes that are located in the central lugs help lots in poor driving conditions. And do offer some more traction in winter than say a BFG Mud Terrain where there are no sipes.

Off Road:

In the mud these are the daddy. I found them best at ripping through soupy mud better than any other mud terrain tyre I have used. They work well in ruts, on side slopes hills and boggy ground. On the Terracan with the Thinner tyre they dug through the top soil and mud effectively allowing the tyre to find more traction in the deep mud. The wider tyre that was on the Rodeo also performed well in the thick mud maintaining forward momentum at all times.
On some tracks around Wiltshire there is the white chalkie clay which can be a nightmare to drive on if it has just rained. Your tyres soon fill up and you have to rely on the ruts to guide you. With the mudders they were very effective at digging through this, they self clean well and offer lots of traction despite the poor ground conditions.

Winter Roads:

I was able to drive with these tyres over most Winter conditions last year.
These tyres are great on fresh powder snow from a few inches to 2 feet. They power through allowing momentum to be maintained. On the snow that had been driven on for a few days, compacted down the Mudders were ok, not that good but then No Mud Terrain tyre is IMO.
Frosty and Ice patched roads the tyres performed ok. My driving speed had lowered to compensate for the poor conditions and the sipes in the central lugs helped. On sheets of ice or sold frozen roads these tyres were poor. Too spread out tread and too spaced out siping caused the vehicle to go sideways frequently.

TJ Verdict:

If you want to go mudding these tyre are epic. With these Mudders on for 12 months I have not gotten my vehicle stuck. Weather on a beach, green lanes or even plowed fields they handle extreme terrain very well with a heavy truck.
Other Mud Terrain Tyres I have used in the past are BFG MT1, Bronco Gizzly Claw, Colway MT & Goodyear Wrangler.
As an overall tyre it performed better IMO than the rest I have used. Granted most of those tyres were on a pick up but IMO the Maxxis Mudders are better than the Wranlger MT/R's (Which I have used on the Terry) IMO for everyday use and off road adventures.

Off Road:8
On Road:5
Winter Road: 4

Overall: 6.5/10


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Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Review
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