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 Oka 4x4 camper

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Roger C

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Oka 4x4 camper Empty
PostSubject: Oka 4x4 camper   Oka 4x4 camper EmptyTue Sep 24, 2013 2:34 am

Glad to find this forum. I own an Oka. 'A what?' you say. Yes an Oka, made in Australia and I have the only one in Europe. Bought new by me 15 years ago in the UK as a 5 ton cab, crew cab and truck body capable of carrying 1½ tons powered by a Perkins Phaser 4.0 turbo. I removed the crew cab and truck body, extended the chassis by 600mm built two new fuel tanks (1000 miles between fills). I also fitted a capacious water tank and effluent tank and a vast LPG tank. To this I assembled Stoke on Trent manufactured body panels made to my design which included 50mm Styrofoam as I expected to visit the Scandinavian Arctic several times. There in May, with snow and icy roads the vehicle has performed excellently. Recent problem was that it was fitted with 900x16 tyres which are difficult to source (familiar problem for LR101 owners?). I had five new wheels made locally supplied with 275/70R/22.5 Bridgestone M840 Tyres that had a circumference nearly the same as the 900 x 16 Mitchelin XZL tyres fitted originally. There have been many trips off road trips for weeks in Ukraine, German Black Forest and French Voges Mountains, Spanish hinterland as well as trips to the Russian arctic border with Norway. The Oka will be on display at the Adventure Overland Show next weekend. See you there.
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Oka 4x4 camper
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