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 Which tyres

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Terrain Adept
Terrain Adept

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PostSubject: Which tyres    Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:56 am

As the title says I have 2 sets of 5 tyres that will fit the Disco2 and I'm not sure which to fit for the Morocco trip in October.

Set 1 Malatesta Kobra 265-75 R16
Set 2 Insa Turbo Dakar 235-70 R16
Both sets have less than 5,000 miles on and are less than 10 months old.

The terrain should be sand and rock predominantly with around 3,500 road miles in the mix.

Now I know the Kobra's are fantastic in mud and the Dakar's not so good but this will be my first experience of dessert driving and I'm not sure which set to fit for the best.
The Dakar's are a bit noisy on the road but having just completed a 2,000 mile road trip not much of a worry infact the wind noise on the roof rack is more of a pain between 50 and 60 mph.

Any advice gladly taken on this, the only other thing worth mentioning is on the cost side the Dakar's are currently fitted on the Disco and the Kobra's on the Frontera so changing them over would have a cost implication but I would rather pay out to change them than have to spend an hour a day digging the Disco out of the sand.
Although that said I do have a pair of sand ladders but if the tread pattern negates the use of them on a regular basis then the choice of tyres is a no brainier

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Tom Mc

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PostSubject: Re: Which tyres    Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:29 am

Definitely smooth tyre walls with no lugs for sand, although I know nothing about Malatesta Kobras and what pattern they possess.

Going on past experience ... During the `89 Paris-Dakar we managed to get all the way to Dakar without once getting stuck in sand, that was 7,000 miles in 20 days in an old 2-door Range Rover Classic, and that included losing the tube for the vacuum difflock which in effect meant we had one-wheel-drive at any given time (power goes to the wheel with the least resistance an' all that).

The tyre choice? Kevlar-walled Armstrong tyres whose tread pattern bore more resemblance to slicks rather than off-road tyres. As I said, lugs are the worst possible choice, something the Insa Tubos have in abundance!

Your choice!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Which tyres    Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:04 pm

I would stick with the Insa's. I don't see us having to cross much deep sand. From all the pics and video it seems more rock, gravel and just plain dusty dirt. There will be some small dunes and sand areas on my leg, but I am just going to air down. If we were looking at Algeria or Tunisia, I would say go for a better sand tire. Tembo is running his original military Michelin XZLs and I won't be changing. At worst, we have lots of other vehicles to give a pull, so shouldn't be much digging.

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PostSubject: Re: Which tyres    

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Which tyres
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