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 Terracan Intercooler Fan

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PostSubject: Terracan Intercooler Fan   Terracan Intercooler Fan EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 10:33 pm

I was browsing some other forums last night and I came across a few owners who had Fitted a fan on the top of their intercooler. Has anyone else done this? Terracan or other?

2 of the Terra Owners claimed that when towing their trailers across Australia It helped alot at low level speeds on tricky terrain. I can understand the logic in this but does anyone have any proof or testimony's on here? The fan its self is much cheapness so cost is not a problem.

Here is a pic I stole of the Australia 4wd forum (sorry guys).

Terracan Intercooler Fan Terrac20


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PostSubject: Re: Terracan Intercooler Fan   Terracan Intercooler Fan EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 7:11 am

Of no benefit here in the UK, our temperatures are not hot enough.

Intercoolers are only needed when the turbocharger is working and at low engine speeds it isn't. Turbo's compress air and compressed air is what generates the heat, so an intercooler is manufactured to suit its market and fitting a fan can be detrimental where it blows downwards as vehicles are designed to have air blowing through the front, and in a pre-determined path to cool a number of components such as the engine, then out through the engine bay to cool the exhaust.
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Terracan Intercooler Fan
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