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 Spare Wheel Studs

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PostSubject: Spare Wheel Studs   Spare Wheel Studs EmptyThu Apr 05, 2018 1:53 pm

How many people have smashed wheel studs and not carried any spares, or indeed any wheel nuts for their types of rims as steel wheels and alloy wheels do actually have different studs or wheel nuts due to the way they work.

There is one simple way round this and this is to use the spare wheel carrier and this is so simple a modification that it beggars belief that more people don't actually do it. Most wheel studs simply press fit into the back plate, and this means that out on the trail you can knock them in gently, with a hammer if you are stuck, so what is this simple solution?

Fit them to your spare wheel carrier!!!!!! it really is that simple.

If you have the six stud type as I do, then the back plate for the spare wheel is a solid pressed plate, you simply mark out the three unused wheel holes with the spare wheel carrier and drill holes slightly undersize in these spare positions and open them out, to do this you remove the spare wheel and open them out so the spare studs are a tight fit, you insert a stud into one of your holes, place a spacer over it and put the nut on and tighten it up to pull the spare stud into position.
Repeat this with the remaining spare studs until all the holes on the spare wheel have a new stud fitted, and spare wheel nuts to go with them and you have three spare wheel studs complete with nuts carried permanently on your vehicle, and you can even mark them by painting the ends of the studs with a dab of paint.
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Spare Wheel Studs
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