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 300TDi Intercooler

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Just Bought 4x4
Just Bought 4x4

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PostSubject: 300TDi Intercooler   300TDi Intercooler EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 6:20 am


I'm looking for an uprated intercooler for my 300TDi Defender. She's fully overland loaded so could do with a little more power up the hills & in general (off to Germany A & A show). No fussed about speed as long as it's not lower. At 60mph she's fine but 65mph it can get interestingly shaky.

I have been looking at those cheaper one's on Ebay selling for around the £140 mark - Item No: 351050807496. They appear to sell a few so does anyone have experience of these both in performance & reliability. It would be coupled to silicone hoses.

If not these any other recommendations (Allisport, Terrafirma or Allard?) but then it's getting £400+ all in.

Or any 300TDi second hand brand named intercoolers up for sale?

Intercooler, silicone hoses - Any other recommendations (must be reliable!)  study 

Cheers Dave.
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Tom Mc
Tom Mc

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PostSubject: Re: 300TDi Intercooler   300TDi Intercooler EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 11:55 am

I have a rather large intercooler on the RR ambulance/camper, also a 300Tdi. Apparently it was originally off a transit as they are reasonably cheap (the alloy is of course being worth a few bob scrap value, so maybe not that cheap) and plentiful, but the hose connections had to be adapted.

It means that coupled to an auto box, the vehicle cruises quite happily at 70 mph, and if required can quite easily see 80+ mph. These speeds BTW are off a Garmin satnav as opposed to the notoriously inaccurate 40-year-old RR speedo, so I know them to be true.

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300TDi Intercooler
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