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 Shogun Sport

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Just got M&S Tyres

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PostSubject: Shogun Sport   Shogun Sport EmptySat May 18, 2013 6:55 am

Is the Shogun Sport as good as a straight Shogun as an off roader? This looks like a Hilux Surf in shape, but like the Surf is less rugged (I assume) than an LC, is the Sport less rugged than a Shogun?

Also, for those Shogun lovers, I found a book today by Paul Guinness - "Mitsubishi Shogun Book". A jolly good source if considering a 4x4 and you are considering a Shogun. It was written in 2005 so only includes models up to that date, but still includes some great info Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Shogun Sport   Shogun Sport EmptySat May 18, 2013 9:23 am

The Shogun Sports or Challenger are ok in standard form. Mitsubishi took an L200 and turned the bed of the truck in to a wagon.
Most shoguns come with super select 4wd which is among the best transfer cases in the world and most have rear diff lock. But the shogun sport comes with an open rear diff.
The Shogun Sport has the Part time transfer case from the L200 and the 2.5tdi engine.
You can buy aftermarket diff locks but you might as well get the Shogun of the two. Better on and off road in standard form, more load space and will be better on fuel.
The L200 that it is based on is a very tough vehicle.
The Hilux, Hilux Surf and Landcruiser along with Shoguns are all tough vehicles, they are just for different markets and different peoples needs.

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Shogun Sport
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