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 Fighting in Egypt, west of Nile

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Fighting in Egypt, west of Nile Empty
PostSubject: Fighting in Egypt, west of Nile   Fighting in Egypt, west of Nile EmptySun Oct 22, 2017 6:45 pm

Saw a story this morning that there was a battle west of the Nile in Egypt between Islamist militants and security forces at the Bahariya oasis. I know that the Sinai has been a no go area for a while but wasn't clear on why travel in the Western desert had been shut down. A trip out the Jebel Unweinat in the far south west has always been on my list of 'must sees.' I guess that is another area that is on the 'hold' list for now. Although, I am still keeping hope up for the Sudan side of the border.

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Fighting in Egypt, west of Nile
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