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 Morocco bound? Avoid Cueta...

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Morocco bound? Avoid Cueta... Empty
PostSubject: Morocco bound? Avoid Cueta...   Morocco bound? Avoid Cueta... EmptySun Mar 12, 2017 8:55 pm

For anyone heading to Morocco, there was an interesting piece in the Morocco news. The Moroccan government and the Spanish enclave of Cueta are moving to limit the number of 'porters' at the border to 4000 per day. Currently a vast army of people cross into Cueta each morning, buy up bulk goods and lug them back to the Moroccan side each day, but it has been getting out of control. Currently 25,000 people and 15,000 cars cross the border every day causing chaos. On our last trip through Cueta in autumn 2016, crossing into Morocco went quick and smooth early in the morning but trying to get out on the way back was chaos.


Much better to go for one of the Moroccan port of entry/departures where there will be far less trading and congestion.

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Morocco bound? Avoid Cueta...
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