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Just got AT's
Just got AT's

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Firstly have to say that despite a similar name 4x4 Overlander does not have any commercial connection with this site and wish Tom Mc well in his endeavours.

So what is 4x4 Overlander and who are the people behind it?

4x4 Overlander is run by Barbara and Brendan. Barbara is a teacher by profession, fluent in Spanish and has travelled/studied in Mexico, travelled around Central America, Europe and Australia. Barbara looks after our website in her spare time. Brendan is nominally retired Laughing from a career in physical testing/research into plastics. He used to run a small business designing, testing and producing caving equipment. His travels have taken him, walking, caving, 4x4ing to many countries, including places as diverse as Nepal, New Zealand, Venezuela etc. When not travelling Brendan can be found with YORC a local club website HERE, either taking part or setting out RTV's

At shows we are ably assisted by Steve and Karen, Andy and Vicky.adore Steve and Karen have camped extensively with their family and run a D2 and a Range Rover hybrid. Andy and Vicky have a 110 and a 130, have travelled widely and do winch challenge events in their Suzuki. We are all paid the same at shows, a big round nothing stupid Well we do eating and cheers1 them.

So much for the people.

The company?

After many years of travelling with Land Rovers, we have decided to extend our business interests to encompass supplying Overland travellers and their vehicles with equipment and solutions to the special challenges that they face.
We will be supplying some of the best equipment available, much of which we have personal experience of using in our vehicles both on long solo trips through Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and in Australia. Our philosophy is to buy good kit which will do the job the first time. Many of the products we sell are fitted to our Overland vehicle and have stood up to the test of long trips, the longest one being 25,000 miles.
We have various working Land Rovers, the 110 Overland vehicle which has done 60,000 miles abroad in the last 3 years, two thirds of that off tarmac, the Discovery which is the family work horse but still gets to do light overland travel and green laning and the latest member of the stable, the Utility Wagon which is getting converted slowly into an Overland vehicle.

We happily point out the pros and cons of equipment even if the con is the price.

We strongly believe that people should consider their needs for their particular trip before their wants

Want to talk about overlanding, put the world to rights? Come and find us on a Friday or Saturday night at a show and join us for cheers1

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4x4 Overlander Ltd
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