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 The Lady organist and the condom

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The Lady organist and the condom Empty
PostSubject: The Lady organist and the condom   The Lady organist and the condom EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 5:29 am

It was a beautiful spring day so the vicar thought he would stroll round the village and see his flock.

He was well on his way when he realised that he was quite close to the home of his 80 year old lady organist Miss Helen, who was from God fearing folk and was married to the church. She was due to come to the church that afternoon to select and practice the hymns for the Sunday Service, so this would save her the walk.

He knocked on her door and was invited in for a cup of tea before getting down to work. While she was away making the tea, he looked around and was amazed to see an unused condom, nipple standing up proudly, floating in a bowl of what appeared to be water on top of the highly polished organ.

Totally mystified and after they had finished, just as he was about to go out of the door he could contain himself no longer.

"Miss Helen what is that floating in that bowl"

She said "Isn't it wonderful vicar, I was walking in the park on a lovely autumn day and I saw this piece of rubbish on the path. I thought I will pick that up and put it in the bin. As I did so this little square foil pack fell out. I did not know what it was and I found the writing on the package was very small, but there were three lines in bold type which said:

1 Place on the organ.

2 Keep moist.

3 Stops disease.

And I haven't had a cold all winter!!!
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Just fitted a Snorkel

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The Lady organist and the condom Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Lady organist and the condom   The Lady organist and the condom EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 9:56 pm

laughing pound
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The Lady organist and the condom
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