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 Skid/Bash Plates

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PostSubject: Skid/Bash Plates   Skid/Bash Plates EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 6:39 am

My front skid plate that sits under the front diff & IFS is made out of plastic, its the standard one and has a fue cracks in it. Not sure why because I cant recall damageing it.

I have 1x sheet of 5mm aluminium Checquer plate which is larger than the damaged skid plate. Does anybody know of a company that could "copy" my standard skid plate and make it out of this 5mm alli one? Or if any members on here want to have a go I could TNT both items to you.

Its got to be cheaper than £300 for a Asfir front bash plate, I was hopeing someone/company could do it for £50. Is it guna happen?


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PostSubject: Re: Skid/Bash Plates   Skid/Bash Plates EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 10:48 am

Doubt it, chequer plate is not really suitable as the surface tread markings catch onto things when travelling, and ally is a little soft and prone to damage for a skid plate.
Welding ally is the next problem, it requires specialised powered gun MIG welders, or TIG welding equipment which is expensive, and to weld ally it needs to be AC TIG and use argon gas, i have recently replaced mi AC/DC TIG and it cost well over £1000 for a small machine, this cost needs recouperating by industrial users.

Probably better using 4mm steel plate and cutting the individual pieces with an angle grinder and thin kerf slitting disc and tacking them together, fir into place to ensure fit, then fully weld; many people have MIG or stick welders and could do this for your budget.
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Skid/Bash Plates
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