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 Food + Drink

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PostSubject: Re: Food + Drink   Food + Drink - Page 2 EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 5:47 am

4x4overlander wrote:
Terracan Jas wrote:
I have here two pics showing what you will need:

Food + Drink - Page 2 Bells_10

1x cup, 1x tea spoon coffiee, 2x tea spoon of sugar. Fill cup 2/5 with water, 2/5 of your selected scotch. 1\5 milk. Enjoy.


I have SERIOUS concerns about your taste buds TJ

I suppose your proposed method of drinking that paint stripper, just about makes it palatable but I do have serious reservations about that even.

Personally I prefer my single malts neat or maybe with a dash of water if it is one of the 60%ers.

Certainly think someone should start educating your taste buds TJ. No insults meant TJ


None taken. Very Happy

Its all good, i completly agree with Scotch/Wisky neat or with a cube of ice, same goes for Vodka, only neat. But my proposed method is very good in the cold. Give it a go, who knows you might like it. Smile

If i put as much time and effort and interest in to my cooking as my other hobbies im sure that my meals would be on jamies 30 min dinners list , but its just not that much fun. So i think i will stick to my full eng breakfast's, sausage baps, hash brown baps and bacon baps. - Like diet coke, it just tastes so dam good. Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Food + Drink   Food + Drink - Page 2 EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 7:47 am

just had some season n shake which i thought would be good for a trip easy to pack and make just add meat.
tastes good too
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Food + Drink
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