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 The Electric Car Scam Exposed

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The Electric Car Scam Exposed Empty
PostSubject: The Electric Car Scam Exposed   The Electric Car Scam Exposed EmptyWed Aug 01, 2018 1:59 pm

Only today did the story break, but many of us have known that it was coming several years ago and it is no surprise to us; and this is that electricity suppliers will change their tariffs as little as every half an hour, so what does this mean in simple terms.

It means the smart meter agenda is finally exposed for what it is, another means to implement the next cost or money robbing scam and this is instrumental in the scam of changing tariffs, and the reason they want us all on one fuel, electricity. In reality the tariffs will change at peaks of demand and your electric buzz box which is charged overnight will see its tariffs raised when most people are charging their cars, similarly they will raise the tariffs on days of high demand such as Christmas or Boxing day when most people are at home and consumption is high.

This goes further, you have your daily dose of constipation street and tariffs rise again, at the adverts time it catches those out who traditionally put the kettle on for a brew, similarly if you watch knobenders the tariffs will rise again, and this is just the beginning. Peak daily demand is 6.00pm - 7.30pm in the UK so there will be a rise there, if you watch the world cup, athletics, or any other periodical sports they will raise their tariffs to catch those out watching them to extort money out of them, so nearly everything is in place for them to extort money out of you.

It will eventually end fixed tariffs for electricity and everyone will be on these variable tariffs as gas will be no more and we will rely upon only one fuel, electricity.

Environmental reasons? bollocks, it is all about extracting money.

Who closed all the UK coal mines? actually it was the EU through a combination of environmental and health and safety legislation, but why? because the UK has hundreds of years of economically viable reserves of known coal left, coal raises steam for electricity, coal can heat homes, town gas can be made from coal, but how many people are aware that you can produce petrol and diesel from coal. Incidentally the NCB/British Coal even had a plant producing fuel from coal and the plant produced petrol and diesel as well as lubricating oils from coal and I was involved in a project which ran a number of freight locomotives and medium ships running off powdered coal with much more power than diesel and with hugely reduced emissions.

Lets expose Government lies: every car produced emissions and Government tells us that 20% of these emissions are produced in the manufacturing and disposal of a vehicle and the remaining 80% were produced in the running of the vehicle, so why are they telling this lie?
Several years ago a company looked into the lifecycle of a traditional vehicle and found the reality was reversed and that 80% of a vehicles emissions were produced in the manufacturing and disposal of a vehicle and the remaining 20% were produced by its "in service" use, and this was reproduced in many of the motoring magazines. So this is a long term agenda to dissuade people against fossil fuels by telling lies and citing "environmental legislation, so a means to an end for the long term.

This report went further: anyone remember the anti 4X4 fervour whipped up?

The most environmentally friendly vehicles were traditional 4X4's due to their robust build and long life, their owners propensity to use remanufactured and second hand components, and the fact that an average 4X4 outlasted a small city car by 3 times, so for every one 4X4 built they had to build 3 city cars for the same lifespan, hardly environmentally friendly.

It cost less than 10% more in energy to build one traditional 4X4 that a small city car.

The worst offenders for environmental pollution were electric cars as one battery pack cost more than 8 times the cost of building a traditional 4X4 in environmental terms, and that was before they built the rest of the car, hmmmm.
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The Electric Car Scam Exposed
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