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 Thinking of competing/spectating at a foreign challenge?

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Thinking of competing/spectating at a foreign challenge? Empty
PostSubject: Thinking of competing/spectating at a foreign challenge?   Thinking of competing/spectating at a foreign challenge? EmptyTue Jan 04, 2011 2:16 am

Have you an interest in the Dakar … or RFC (Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia) … or whatever? Then this is the place to be. Chat about entering, spectating, the awesome machinery or just look back on what might have been had your six numbers come up!

By the way, you may think it rather strange to include a 'competitive' section like this in a forum that's based on non-speed, non-competitive expeditions and overland travel. Well, drawing on past experience, there is a considerable overlap between the two elements. It seems to me, the adventurous type of folk who compete in major overseas competitions are often equally passionate about travel, so off-roading and overlanding are right up their street ... or should I say track!!!

Then there are the vehicles. What is racing today can very well turn into an exploration workhorse (especially the larger vehicles like Unimogs), then an expedition workshop, only to finally spend its days trundling around Africa for the next 30 years ferrying overlanders around ... well not quite "finally", because when the locals get their gifted hands on a vehicle, it's likely to go back to work again as an African mule for another 50 years or more!!!

Yep, there are links galore!

Besides, this section helps keep the rest of the forum clear of competitive timed events, so leaving the more placid amongst us to chat about purely non-speed overland travel and nothing else. Each to their own! Very Happy
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Thinking of competing/spectating at a foreign challenge?
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