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 How to plan and visualize your RTW Route

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How to plan and visualize your RTW Route Empty
PostSubject: How to plan and visualize your RTW Route   How to plan and visualize your RTW Route EmptySat Jul 26, 2014 2:26 am

As i plan my Transafrica Trip I spent hours in Google Maps for planning the rough route. Spent hours for adding things to see to Excel. Spent hours to discuss some details of the route in webcommunites.

Today I want to show you an alternative to google maps, how you can save a lot of time, how you can use one Tool for the most named above.

This tool is not for navigation itself, it is for planning your journey. But for shure you can download a kml file too for your navigation unit.

How to plan and visualize your RTW Route Worldtrip_planning_adding_waypoints-workflow

How you can create a route with unlimited waypoints, how you can add private and public notes to any waypoint. And how you can get help and suggestions through the included comment-function. How you can visualize your trip.

For shure this is handy too for shorter trips  Smile

Article and tutorial in english language:

Article in german language:

And here a sample trip I did use in my tutorial:

With tripline I would have saved many hours for my transafrica, if I had know that tool before. This have nothing to do with overplanning - if you try to write down some points who are worth to visit for each country.

This way you can decide if you want to view them during your journey, because you know where this points are.

With the iOS App or as offline Webpage you can carry your route and resarched waypoints with you, for using it offline during your journey. More than just an alternative for Google Maps and Google Earth, if you ask me. Specially that you can work online with others on the route, discuss each waypoints seperatly - is a very good solution ☕ A smart workflow for any route planning.

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How to plan and visualize your RTW Route
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