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 OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE

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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty
PostSubject: OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE   OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 5:45 am

Mitsubishi Space Gear 97, 4WD (2H, 4Hhi, 4Hlo-diff lock) with only ca. 122 000 miles very well looked after, regularly serviced and custom modified for comfortable travelling, which you can rely on in every situation. It’s Mitsubishi Pajero lifted suspension provides an excellent driving experience and enables you to make your way even though the rough terrain being safe as well as self-sufficient. You can simply park in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the unspoiled nature, enjoying the solar panel energy, water supply, as well as kitchen and toilet. It got it all.

Everything works as it suppose to, the gear box changes the gears when it suppose to, there is no smoke what so ever and it’s a first time starter, the engine doesn’t burn oil, there is no leaks, underbody was wax oiled 10 months ago, one brand new battery and the aux (leisure) battery still on warranty. There is some small dents and tiny bit of rust present. Much loved and looked after.  

Taxed valid till 30.07.2014 , MOT valid till 30.07.2014 (full MOT history provided). There is no outstanding payments on the vehicle.

The vehicle will be sold with additional and much necessary overland equipment and spare parts, which allows you to drive to the end of the world


It is a two seater version with custom made interiors including:  
* 50W semi flexible solar panel mounted on the roof
* Snorkel with a mushroom pre cleaner filter, which is designed to deliver excellent performance in a high dust environment. It simply separates the air from the dust leaving your air filter clean and snorkel lets you drive in high water.  
* Set of 4 GoodYear Wrangler AT/SA 215,75R15 (allu wheel rim) with plenty of life left. They have the Kevlar inserts to prevent punctures (Silent Armor) and thanks to the newest technology they respond very well on the wet surface, are very economic for AT tires, silent.
* Suspension lift
* Custom made robust roof rack with:
- custom made, watertight chest, with two separate compartments for all your spare parts, secured with two outdoor watertight padlocks and 4 latches on both sides. Enables you to watch the wildlife from the top of your vehicle while seated.  
- a ladder, which when not used folds back securely to the back of the roof rack preventing unauthorized people from accessing the roof rack area
- the cargo on the roof rack is secured with a padlocked steal line as well as belts, to keep it in desired and safe position
- padlockable spare wheel secured holder
- 3 x 30L heavy duty jerry cans for fuel and water reserve
- small, plastic barrel used for automatic laundry making Wink
* 2 x spare wheels (1xallu, 1xsteel wheel rim) with Matador AT 235,75R15 with plenty of life left
* custom made underbody bash plates / guards (please see photos)
* reverse parking mirror
* spare parts like universal joints for the drive shaft (front and rear), oil filters (changed every 3100 miles=5000 kms)
* windows covered with the privacy mirror foil
* 20L solar shower mounted on the roof rack
* funnel for diesel with a filter
* underbody covered with Waxoil
* rear differential protected with ceramizer additive
* spare rear number plate for trailer
* spare liquids for the radiator, brakes and automatic gear box
* under the bumper beam to increase safety
* project and alarm warning stickers

* Fully working A/C completely serviced 7 months ago
* electric windows and mirrors
* fully working netbook MSI U100 white (battery, cover and UK power adaptor)
* car stereo working with Bluetooth, mp3, cd, USB and more
* 180 deg rotating passenger seat so you can enjoy more space inside once parked
* padlockable pull-out bed, which is a secured storage at the same time. Inside there are two personal storage compartments as well as aux / leisure battery, power inverter, camping chairs and more.
* 110 Ah well looked after, deep cycle leisure battery with 500 rechargeable cycles (never went below 12,3 volts) on warranty till 26.11.2015, which can be charged from the solar panel on the roof or from the alternator in the engine.. you choose so the overcast days are not a problem
* 1000W power inverter will satisfy all your everyday needs
* three UK power points
* 2 digital voltmeters (1 for the engine and 1 for the leisure battery) on the dashboard will inform you constantly about the state of the battery
* dual solar controller lets you decide, how the battery should be charged from the solar panel (eg. 0%front 100%rear or 50%front 50%rear or 90%front 10%rear) Once one battery will be fully charged all the electricity will go to the other one. Overcharge and reverse charge protection
* thanks to the charge monitor you can see how efficient is the sun energy and what’s the status of the connected batteries
* in the emergency situations when for whatever reason your main/engine battery will go low you can always give it a boost by connecting the two batteries (front and rear) simply with a click of a button
* additional USB and 3 x “cigarette lighter” sockets available in the dashboard (connected to the aux/leisure battery) for all your accessories like cellphones, tablets, battery charging and many, many more….  
* custom made set of mosquito nets, which can be put on every window, sliding and rear door, so you can enjoy the evening breeze without the annoying presence of the mosquitos
* custom made set of curtains, which makes the inside of the vehicle pretty dark even in the day light for a comfortable sleep and enhanced privacy.
* kitchen stove with some spare butane cartridges
* cooking gear like pots, pans, kettle, plates and more
* foldable table, so it doesn’t stay in your way when you don’t need it
* very efficient ventilation system ( 2 x ball-bearing large ventilators with regulated speed which are responsible for the global circulation of the air in the vehicle and 2 x personal small usb vents, with a holding clamp, long cable and flexible mounting, so you can place them precisely where you need them (see photos) )
* 2 x camping chair
* indoors lights
* 2 x 25L water tanks
* aluminum sun shield to keep the water tanks cool even on a hot day
* 3 x extra storage “bike begs”
* some tools and bits and pieces which might be useful like for example duct tape, bulbs, lubricants, oil filter key etc.
* terminals set and the terminal crimping tool
* spare fuses to the whole electric installation 10 – 130 A
* 2 x windscreen sun shade
* engine protected with ceramizer additive
* 2 x massaging seat mat with wooden beads
* hammock mounting inside the vehicle for extra sleeping space or just for fun of lying in shade on the hammock on a hot day…  
* service manual in English
* 2 x multipurpose bowls for example for changing the engine oil
* air intake protected with a very fine filter to prevent dust coming into the inside of the vehicle
* Lonely Planet guide book “Africa” 2010
* inside finished off with veltrim and vinyl carpeting
* there is plenty of well hidden storage space

Seafety and rescue equipment
* central lock
* alarm system + immobilizer + vibration sensor
* 2nd manual immobilizer hidden in a secret place. When it’s not on it is not possible to start the engine even with the key in your hand. This vehicle cannot be stolen.
* secret, hidden compartment for your valuables
* drivers air bag
* 2 x 9 meter of heavy duty steel line with shackles, to tow you out of trouble
* 2 x warning triangles
* 2 x lift jack (1 x trolley and 1 x bottle lift jacks)
* 2 x wheel hey ( 1 x L shaped and 1 x cross shaped)
* EURO PACK (first aid kit, hi visibility vest, beam correction stickers)
* tire foot pump
* compressor to pump your tyres (cigarette lighter socket)
* a set of steel wheel rim nuts for the spare wheel
* foldable shovel
* 1kg car dedicated fire extinguisher

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail

Asked price is 8 500 GBP or near offer

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Terrain Master

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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty
PostSubject: Re: OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE   OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 10:51 am

No price,  clinking teacups 
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Terrain Adept

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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty
PostSubject: Re: OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE   OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 8:33 am

roamingman wrote:
No price,  clinking teacups 

If I read it right £8500 ?

Seek not excess, God hateth he who roams !

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Terrain Master
Terrain Master

Posts : 1392
Join date : 2010-12-26
Age : 73
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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty
PostSubject: Re: OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE   OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 9:08 am

He edited after I made my post.
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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty
PostSubject: Re: OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE   OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE Empty

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OVERLAND Mitsubishi Space Gear +Xtras ->UK<- 4SALE
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