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Just Bought 4x4
Just Bought 4x4

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PostSubject: Insurance   Insurance EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 12:38 am


Regarding insurance can anyone recommend a company who will insure a highly modified defender 90. it is basically a 1995 (M) overland prepared hardtop but with a value of around £17,000 I am struggling a little.

I have it insured with Adrian Flux at the moment however they will not put an agreed value on it which I need, otherwise it's just book price if anything happens.

Tried Lancaster today and same thing - cannot insure it.
Tried Footman James 2 years ago but moved to Flux for some reason. Will try Footman again but don't think I'll get anywhere.
Also previously been with NFU but to many mod's for them now.

So who's using who and would you recommend them? i.e. they answer the phone reasonably quickly.

Any help appreciated. P.S. I don't live in a venerable postcode area.

Thanks Dave.

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