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 Mercedes 814DA questions

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Mercedes 814DA questions Empty
PostSubject: Mercedes 814DA questions   Mercedes 814DA questions EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 8:16 pm

OK guys, I've just picked up a 1992 814DA from Holland, it came with a 1986 technical manual for some of the T2 range (507D - 811D) but it's in German, also the owners Handbook for the 609D - 814D which is in Dutch.

Has anyone got English versions of these (preferably covering the 814DA as well) that I could copy, or know of a source?

Any other 814DA owners on here? Be useful to swap info, it seems quite a different beast to the 1999 Vario 814 which we have (for sale!).

One question I have is about tyres, any recommendations? It currently has an assortment of 235/75R 17.5's fitted plus 2x 9.5R 17.5's as spares. I think that the larger rolling circumference of the 9.5 tyres means that they can't be fitted? The 814DA is permanent 4x4.

Finally (for today anyway!) it has rear and centre difflocks which I can hear working when operating the controls, however the centre difflock warning light comes on after about 1/2 hour driving - any ideas? The rear difflock warning light doesn't come on at all, even when it's operated.

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Mercedes 814DA questions
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