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 Kershaw JunkYard Dog I & Flitz Metal Polish Review

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PostSubject: Kershaw JunkYard Dog I & Flitz Metal Polish Review   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:04 am

Undoubtedly at some point when camping you will need a knife. Opening a tin of beans to chopping kindling for camp fire.

Over the last 5 years I have used 1 knife for my fishing and camping needs. Note Never used to preparing food.

The knife I used is made by Kershaw, the Junkyard Dog I. Now replaced by the Junkyard dog II as found here: www.bkcg.co.uk/products/manu/kershaw/ks1725.html

Ive chopped up lob worms, used to splice rope, open packaging chop up sticks for kindling, even shown how to use it as a make shift spear on a survival course by a competent instructor. I have only sharpened it once. Using a very fine Japanese water stone. Overall a Very, very tough, well built survival foldaway knife. If anyone is looking for a trusty knife then Give these a look at.

Taken from the website; Designed to an exhaustive specification featuring a revolutionary index-finger flipper-style opening system, providing smooth and effortless blade deployment with just one finger. Premium grade blade steel makes for a supersharp and durable working knife. Made in America, manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Some pics:

Operation is easy, you open the knife blade out or flick it out. I tend to open it just to be on the safe side. The blade is held open in place by a piece of metal as seen in the above picture. The metal holding the blade open is full width and the blade is "Truly" locked in place with no movement or wobble at all. Closing the blade is also simple, simply move the locking plate over with thumb or finger and retract blade.

Every month or after heavy use i clean the blade and polish it with FLITZ Metal polish. It removes any dirt and muck and it cleans, polishes, protects and restores the blade. Note: Never use on food knives.

Some Pics:

I apply a pin head size amount of FLITZ metal polish to either side of the blade and rub in a circular motion with a clean rag or cloth. Clean any excess FLITZ off and job done.

I have also used FLITZ as a honing compound on Leather polish wheel. The picture below of my Bearded Wood Axe shows the sheen finish it can provide.

Overall I would definitely buy both Kershaw knives and FLITZ metal polish again. Worth the money. 10/10 IMO

NOTE: Myself, Jason, never carry's any form of knives, blades or axes. All items are kept in a Locked gun safe. All items can either be folded of are covered by a sheath or scabbard when in use at home, fishing or camping.
If anyone has a problem with the images in this review either forum members or MODS I will remove the photos. I understand the Laws and rules governing the use and handling of bladed items and the following link explains the basics.
Most important of all is to respect the item. If not, you could harm your self or others.



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Tom Mc

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PostSubject: Re: Kershaw JunkYard Dog I & Flitz Metal Polish Review   Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:09 am

No problem at all. Presented in the right way as you have done, then it's a valid subject.

Coincidentally, only today my friend told me a story about how he recently got proscecuted for 'carrying a dangerous weapon'. He's carried this "weapon" on him for years - it's very similar to a Swiss Army Knife in that it has all the usual attachments such as screwdrivers, files and of course a blade. The big difference is that the knife locks when open, and as the blade is about 3.5 inches long, so it can be classed as a dangerous weapon. I believe 3 inches is the limit.

How did he get arrested? He was about to enter a theme park with his wife and kids when he realised there were metal detectors at the gate, so he handed the tool to his wife and she was about to go back to the car to leave it there, when suddenly security saw it and jumped on them! Next thing the Old Bill are on the scene, he finds himself being arrested. Nice!!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he was given a conditional discharge when he proved that he had been scraping brake shoes with said knife the very same morning, hence the reason it was still in his pocket. Justice was done.

To moral of the story is simple. Although he is not a hooligan but a 40-year old family man, because the blade was illegal he still went though a lot of hassle proving his innocence - so don't carry any knife that you can purchase abroad (as he did many moons ago) but is regarded as voodoo over here.

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Kershaw JunkYard Dog I & Flitz Metal Polish Review
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