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 Are You Frightened Of Electronics

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Just got AT's
Just got AT's

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PostSubject: Re: Are You Frightened Of Electronics   Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:07 am

gemini wrote:

Yes Brenden VWP can be expensive so do you do ALL Lucas wiring colours in ALL sizes. VWP do

No I do not and there is no way any small company can carry the wide range of equipment carried by much larger firms. Nor do we pretend to be in the same area of business/expertise of companies such as VWP

However it could be argued that the larger companies with their larger buying powers should be cheaper then the smaller companies.

One thing I have learnt in the last 18 months is about the wide variation in prices that different firms charge and different level of service and expertise that other companies have. There again we have had the balls to put our money where our mouth is. Some people challenged us to do it some time back! Do people know how much money is involved in even setting up a small company?

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Terrain Expert
Terrain Expert

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PostSubject: Re: Are You Frightened Of Electronics   Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:48 am

I know exactly how much money is involved in setting up a business Brendan, and how much time is involved, and how much bureaucracy is involved even before the statutory (nosey) bodies begin to interfere with their environmental, H&S, etc.

Then there is the hassle, being on call 24/7/365, having little time to yourself or with your family, the mountauins of paperwork you did not know existed, and when you think it is all under control, something else kicks your legs from under you.

Good luck with it though, and when it is running successfully and growing you will think it was worth it.
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Are You Frightened Of Electronics
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