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 1989 Iveco daily 40-10 4x4 is it a good idea?

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PostSubject: 1989 Iveco daily 40-10 4x4 is it a good idea?   Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:44 am

Hello! I am new here and I have traveled by backpack, bicycle, van, schoolbus, motorcycle, and looks like I am heading back to van life.

I am looking into buying a pretty sweet 1989 Iveco daily 40-10 4x4 to convert into a live aboard adventure machine for very long term travel.

my questions...is it a good idea? And by that I mean are there easily available parts for these vans? tires, rims, engine parts, new engines, axles, ect ect ect

are there any years or models that are better or worse than others?

and are there any concerns or for warnings I should know before diving into the world of iveco vans

any and all information is welcome!
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PostSubject: Re: 1989 Iveco daily 40-10 4x4 is it a good idea?   Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:05 pm

They are an excellent base vehicle for expedition work if you want to travel, they have excellent spares service around the world and a reputation for generally being reliable if maintained correctly, and they are not too complicated for the DIY mechanic to work on.

However; you need a good base vehicle and ensure it is as rust free as possible and you need to consider your conversion very carefully and ensure all your heavy fitments are as low down as possible and between the axles to spread the load as equally as possible.

Major problems are with their size and underbody clearance as many people never account for this and damage the underside by pushing a vehicle beyond its limits and wiping out underbody fitments or damaging the underside.
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1989 Iveco daily 40-10 4x4 is it a good idea?
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