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 Mercedes Benz 407D full time build

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Ron Bones

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PostSubject: Mercedes Benz 407D full time build   Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:36 pm

Hey all,

Just thought it was about time I introduced you all to my van.

It's a Mercedes Benz 407D ex German Red Cross ambulance. OM616 2.4L diesel lump drags her along at a glacial pace but runs beautifully. It's got the later, and harder to find, 5 speed box, which sees us keeping up with modern traffic without any difficulty.

Here she is en route back from Hoff in Germany where we picked her up in September '13.

Somewhere in Holland;

We drove back taking the hook of holland - harwich crossing, some 1200 miles over 48 hours without any troubles, except sleeping arrangements in the crew cab.

And then she was stood up, as I tackled the arduous task of importing and registering her. Only in April of this year was I ready to start work, having needed to keep her empty for weighing as, having a post '97 licence, I've had to have her downplated to 3.5 tonnes.

So it's been a hectic few months trying to get her up to a standard which 3 of us can live in full time, myself, my partner Georgie and our dog Ralph, were almost there though, just electrics, gas and a fee little touch ups here and there.



So there she is so far, there is a toilet that I've neglected to photograph somehow, I'll get that done. I've gone for a composting type so it's a bit of an experiment. In all the key to the build has been to keep weight down, be simple and as homely as possible. I think I've succeeded. We will also be living entirely off grid, which is my project at the minute, sorting out the solar array and charging system.

It's all coming together though and I will keep you updated.
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Terrain Adept
Terrain Adept

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PostSubject: Re: Mercedes Benz 407D full time build   Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:06 pm

That is a really nice job you've done there, I'm very jealous.

This is what the wife wants me to do after I've finished playing with Land Rovers as she puts it but there is a couple more places I want to visit before I'm ready to undergo road only based trips.

Good luck with the rest of the build and hope you have some great experiences on your trips, as always loads of pictures please, us poor sods who are at home love to read and see the exploits of those who are traveling  thumbsup 

Seek not excess, God hateth he who roams !

Defender 300TDI - 110

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Terrain Master
Terrain Master

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PostSubject: Re: Mercedes Benz 407D full time build   Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:51 am

Hi and welcome, thanksfor shareing your photos, all looks realy good, you should have some great trips to do, and let us know how you get on,  clinking teacups 
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PostSubject: Re: Mercedes Benz 407D full time build   

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Mercedes Benz 407D full time build
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