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 It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye

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Just Bought 4x4
Just Bought 4x4

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PostSubject: It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye   Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:46 am

The plan; as photographers we like to slope off to get pictures, spring and Autumn are our favourite times, Skye in Autumn was the plan. Why spring and autumn, well it's the light, it is just stunning at these times and the weather is often benign too and midge free.
if you have looked at the custom builds/ bodge section of the forum you may have come across my earlier posts regarding prep for these little sojourns so with Peej appropriately kitted we set off from the Scottish Borders for the Isle of Skye to drive around it's perimeter via every lane and track we could legally use to find photo opportunities. Wild camping to be on location for sunrise and sunset, this is how it went.
We got as far as the Great Glen and .......

Total gridlock, Christ it's like being back in England!

So over the bridge to Skye and our first camp in the mountains looks like a good spot

Spin peej around and set up camp.

Anyone for an aperitif?

Day 2: Morning ablutions, the observant among you will have noticed the change of clothing from chino's to salapettes, yep it turned bloody cold overnight!

Coming back down off the mountain to black top.

Our own private beach for lunch but where are the Palm Trees and the Hula girls?

Aah well best get the kettle on.

Amazing what you come across in the far flung corners of Scotland and it's Islands, This Saviem has seen better days and has become a donor for the one's still running.

End of Day 2 and our camp spot for the night Loch Eishort.

Pitched and ready for dinner, now it's time for work.

This is work? why would you want to be any place else right now.

Day 3: Dawn and there's snow on the hills.

Scotland living upto it's reputation of 4 seasons in everyday.

The road to the Cuilins.

Topping up our water supply, the blue pipes are the water supply for the local youth hostel, yes the water really is that good.

Ok lunch time, traditional Scottish lunch, Oat cakes, Pate (should be haggis) and a dram.

on our way to Carbost we came across this unsavoury sight at the side of the road!

Really! this is Church of Scotland country!

The bottom end of Loch Harport.

Our camp for the night at Neist Point.

The wife enjoying the last ray's of sun and out of the breeze.

End of a hard day, with North and South Uist in the distance.

A toast to the isles.

Working day over, dinner on....Life is hell!

AAhhh dinner......poon.....poon.....dinner!

Day four: Dawn at Neist Point.

Sadly we have to head back to the bridge, the mainland has further treasure's in store for us. 

Plockton on the mainland.

Camp for the night and it's already -4c.

The neighbours were a bit noisy, it's rutting season and they were at it all bloody night!

Day 5: dawn over Raasay and snow on the mountains of Skye in the background.

The road to Applecross and yes peej was wider than the road!

Applecross, a very pretty place for breakfast.

The road out of Applecross, slightly wider than the road in, another 20 miles of this and every thing gets wider and busier as we head home.

Five days of freedom, five days of the best sleeps I have ever had, we call it a road trip as there is very little legal off road in Scotland so I'm not sure if it qualifies as overlanding really but five days of fair weather and sunshine and wild camping....fantastic.

--Very Happy-Embarassed  
())------())  Water covers 3/4 of the earths surface, 4x4's cover the rest.
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Tom Mc

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PostSubject: Re: It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye   Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:13 am

Brilliant!!! Fair play for taking the time and effort for posting your trip. clapping clapping clapping 

It is now 12.30 and I've just got back from my local 4x4 club meet - cold, tired and depressed having walking though the streets of Coventry (well, anyone would wouldn't they???), but believe me reading at your report and seeing the photos it's done me a power of good ... I was there!

I also like the comment early on about beating the midges - yep, that's gotta be good!

Thanks for the report - extra Brownie points for you. thumbsup

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PostSubject: Re: It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye   Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:56 am

Good photos Peej and nice looking jeep. For anyone in the UK who hasn't been to the West Coast of Scotland it is well worth a trip.
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PostSubject: Re: It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye   

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It's late but here it is our 2012 tour of The Isle of Skye
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