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 Jeep JK Technical Information

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Just Bought 4x4
Just Bought 4x4

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PostSubject: Jeep JK Technical Information   Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:51 pm

Hi all Jeep JK owners
I have available original Chrysler manuals on pdf, Full Parts Catalogue (detailed images of parts and exploded diagrams of all major assemblies) Body Repair Manual (you bend it and this tells you exactly where it should be cut n shut to mend it to O.E. spec) I have the full Service Manual on the way just need a couple of weeks to finish (covers every part of your Jeep step by step, has all the diagnostic codes and there solutions, how to read them and clear them.
This information is priceless and it's free to forum members.
These manuals cover 2007 to 2009 JK's specifically but they will still be relevant to later models as the changes are minor, from 2012 there are changes to the engines (increased bhp and better emissions' so the ecu will be different and possibly the injectors and pump. The rear axle was down rated from a dana 44 to a 35 to meet eu driver/vehicle weight restrictions)
Bear in mind that a jk made in 2009 is likely to have been registered new in 2010 in my case the jeep is registered as an 09 but actually came off the line in 07!
Last month Jeep produced the one millionth JK clapping as you can tell I like JK's adore 
So how to get your JK bibles, pm me with your personal email address (I promise no ulterior motive) I will upload the manual to the Dropsend website http://www.dropsend.com/ they will send an email to the address you gave me, telling you that the file is available for download. You simply register using the same email address and then down load your file...Simples.

--Very Happy-Embarassed  
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Tom Mc

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PostSubject: Re: Jeep JK Technical Information   Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:54 am

Peej's already been in touch about these downloads. They are too big to place on this forum, so this is the ideal solution.

Like the man says - "no ulterior motive" - so go for it! Nice one. cheers1 

Visit the free online resource - www.europe4x4mag.com
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Jeep JK Technical Information
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