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 Use Ipad for navigation

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PostSubject: Use Ipad for navigation   Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:44 am


Does someone have any experiance using an Ipad for topografic navigation.
I'm currently using a Garmin Oregon but the screen is small and overviewing an area is difficult.
I found an application that works in the US (MotionX GPS) but I didn't found any maps for europe.

An Ipad (or tablet) is easy mountable in your 4X4 then a laptop therefore I'm looking if thisis possible.
Also the newest Ipad's have a GPS receiver onboard.

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PostSubject: Re: Use Ipad for navigation   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:33 pm

I guess that it is pretty outdated to use something else than an tablet.

Here are severall Articles about: http://www.4x4tripping.com/2013/05/offroad-navigation-mit-motionx-hd-ipad.html

With the iPad it is the easiest way to navigate, the most powerful one is to use a windows based computer. But for Windows you have to learn much about, howto download satellite or hybrid views, how to calibrate and how to use them.

We navigate through africa using our Ipad and offline Bing Hybrid view (what was better for africa than google hybrid) what works well. For the northern Part we use TomTom Marocco, for the southern Part Navigon South Africa - between there was just satellite view available, and today you can too buy the App Tracks4africa   adore 

You have definitively to set apart the road navigation and the offroad navigation.

For the iPad it means that you use for road navigation Apps like Navigon or TomTom, for navigate on tracks and offroad with apps like motionX.

--> http://www.4x4tripping.com/search/label/Navigation

Unfortunately there are no similar Apps arround for Android, where you can download big areas of Satellite view that easy like in iOS / Apple based devices.

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PostSubject: Re: Use Ipad for navigation   Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:07 am

For ipad off-road navigation with satellite images I use Galileo Offline maps.
Pretty simple and allows the use of both online and offline maps
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PostSubject: Re: Use Ipad for navigation   

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Use Ipad for navigation
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