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 Marlow 40mm x 13.7m KERR as new, ex mod, V heavy duty

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Marlow 40mm x 13.7m KERR as new, ex mod, V heavy duty Empty
PostSubject: Marlow 40mm x 13.7m KERR as new, ex mod, V heavy duty   Marlow 40mm x 13.7m KERR as new, ex mod, V heavy duty EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 9:25 pm

As per the title i have a genuine Marlow ex mod Kinetic recovery rope for sale. Its as new although has a few dusty marks from storage. This is designed for recovery of HEAVY trucks and armoured vehicles hence its size, hell the damn thing weighs 20kg on its own. protective soft eye slice each end,
recomended for gross vehicle weighst of 8.0 - 12.0 tonnes, 40mm diameter, length 13.7m, weight 19.80kg, minimum break load 30,000kg, colour White, marlow code WJA004. It has come from the mod and has been in storage but is as new. This is way bigger than the usual 24mm x 8m you get and might be suited to extreme challenge events or agricultural use as its really designed for huge trucks. The army stated that KERR's are not to be used on soft shelled vehicles so that gives you some idea of the forces involved. Please be aware that these ropes are not designed for towing but as a recovery rope. They can store tons of pressure and be leathal if used incorrectly. Only use if you know what you are doing and have proper recovery points and use with a bridle with no shackles attached to the Kerr eyes either end. Towballs are not good enough you need proper chassis mounted recovery points (not towing eyes!) I bought it as i fancied a chunky kerr but did not realise how big it would be when i got it. After £100 including delivery. Will try and post a pic soon. Cheers
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Marlow 40mm x 13.7m KERR as new, ex mod, V heavy duty
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